Welcome to the RadicalxChange Forum


The ideas we discuss in this forum can radically change many features of our society. They are inspired by the book, Radical Markets by Glen Weyl and Eric Posner.

There is a crisis, which can be understood by its three components. First, there is inequality within wealthy countries. At the same time (and secondly) economic and productivity growth rates have fallen dramatically and employment has declined (“stagnequality”). Third, democratic politics has struggled to respond to conflicts between minorities and majorities within countries. Together we call these events the “crisis of the liberal order”.

Who is this forum for?
This forum is for anybody who wants to contribute in the radical exchange of thought and conversation - to progress the ideas of Radical Markets and experiment with them. It is also a place for Meetup Chapters to organize from various cities around the world.

What can you find here?
Questions, answers, suggestions, proposals, experiments, examples, and general conversation about Radical Markets.

Why should you participate?
We believe that wealthy countries are at a moment of fundamental crisis that threatens the legitimacy and stability of our values and institutions. This is an opportunity to inspire a new generation with a productive vision for the future.

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How can you get involved?