Wealth-Derived Tax

Hey there, I’ve proposed a new tax model called ‘wealth derived tax’ - please play around with it and let me know what you think!

Model: https://grid.is/@harrymclaverty/a-wealth-derived-tax-model-part-1-the-concept-at-a-glance-KuRC2ldnSR:dLPj9Qp0skg

tl;dr: “The current tax model is not pandemic-proof. I propose a ‘wealth-derived tax’ which determines the tax you owe (but not how you pay it) via the wealth you have, provides a base level of annually received wealth for all of a nation’s citizens throughout their lives (the new ‘state pension’), and incentivises earners to build wealth via rebates and other investment schemes. More to follow in Parts 2 and 3!”

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Offshore entities in jurisdictions with strong privacy rights and no requirement for reporting?