The forum is dead? The forum is dead! Long live the forum!

TLDR: things are quiet in RxC. Sad face. Is this fine or should we do something, and what to do?

I was doing some thinking over the weekend about how this project is progressing, and it seems that the RxC channels are fizzling out. In particular, there hasn’t been a forum post in 3 weeks.

I’ve exclusively been lurking at the forum, and participating on the Telegram channel. In retrospect, the forum seems like a better medium for conversation, but it’s been pretty dead since I realized that.

I’d like it to not be dead, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’d propose a meta-discussion about structuring discussion inside the community, and maybe also a monthly zoom call, especially atm while real-world meetings are unrealistic. Double posting this to the Telegram chat.

Side note, it’s actually pretty hard to discover the forum, from the home page, ideally it would be in the header links, not buried amongst the footer links.

Second side note, I might propose these categories if a mod feels so inclined to create them; based off the posts I’ve seen in the forum.
Real World
Voting Systems
Politics and Government
Funding and Taxes
Alternatively, this has another categorization system that seems good.

Maybe create a group on Facebook? FB groups seemed to have killed forums…

I like the idea of FB groups in principle for attracting people to the conversation, but in my experience, facebook groups are pretty low participation too, and not as useful for finding past conversations. I’m a member of a couple active forums, and don’t think that forums are dead by any means, but this one could use a breath of life.

To accomplish that, I’ve proposed a couple things on the telegram channel, but the main goal is simply trying to stimulate conversation. So I’ll probably try to be more active here too and see how that goes.

Yeah this forum software provides a lot more functionality than FB groups. But one of the advantages of a FB group is that most people are already on FB, so joining a FB group is super easy. Plus, if the group’s leaders are douches, you can easily just create your own group.

Are any of your Facebook groups a democracy? By this I mean, are any of the big decisions made by voting? And by big decision I mean something like whether the group should be public or private.