Seeking Ideas For Good Voting Methods For Allocating Funds Between Public Goods

Hello all! This is my first time making a post, so I hope I am putting this question in the right place.

My understanding is that QV works its magic when collecting preferences about a series of binary decisions. But what if instead of binary decisions we need to make decisions such as “how much funding should x get?”

More precisely, suppose we had a collection of goods g_1, \dots , g_n and a budget T. We want to find a funding function f such that T \leq f(g_1) + \dots + f(g_n). What voting methods are both practical to implement and will help us choose f so that our decision is in good alignment with people’s preferences?

Forgive me for being a little bit loose in the above paragraph. I have just started learning mechanism design and I am sure there are way better ways to state the question.

I actually found a forum question which is fairly similar to mine so perhaps it would be better to send answers that way.
Generalization of QF/QV for continuous time?

This forum has numerous threads. Each thread is more or less a public good. Here are three ways that we could use to allocate funds between them…

  1. democracy
  2. donations
  3. quadratic funding (QF)

With democracy the most popular threads would get the most funding. Where is the funding coming from? We all put our money into a pool?

With donations each and every person decides for themselves how much of their own money they spend on a thread.

QF is somewhere in between democracy and donations.