RxC Washington DC Roll Call

Anyone here in DC, or languishing in the suburbs? :slight_smile:

I’d like to get an RxC chapter started here! I can provide regular meeting spaces at BlockShop DC for book/discussion groups and for working on projects.

You can connect with me on Keybase.


Hi Chris,

I am languishing in the suburbs, didn’t make it to RxC conference this year but very interested in the ideas and want to be part of the discussion. Between that and trying to get into the blockchain space in that area in general. It would be cool to have meetings in BlockShop tailored towards RxC and book discussions sounds great. We could make a meetups.com page or something to get others involved. I don’t know how connected you are, but I’m basically going at it alone right now… Not too many Liberal Radicals in rural Loudoun Co.