RxC Los Angeles

Any interest in an LA chapter? I’m not sure how much time I could commit, but I’d love to connect with any RxC people nearby!

Hijacking my own post to also add that I’m a web developer looking for a job (I helped set up radicalxchange.org). I figure it might be good to mention in here considering the overlap with the blockchain space. :slight_smile:



:wave: I’d be interested in helping set up an RxC LA chapter.


CC @joshua. Kevin’s the man. Can you connect Kevin and Matthew to Rahilla?

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

I’m thinking a good way to get rolling would be to set up a group on meetup.com …I might be game to do that after the conference next month. I bet we could get some help from people at Consensys. Speaking of that, are you going to Glen’s talk at Phase Two on Monday? Consensys is hosting it.

He’s also speaking at USC on friday

I’m also interested!

Instead of Meetup, my preference is for Honest Cash and/or Cent. We can use their markets to make decisions, such as where and when to meet, and what to discuss.

Of course I’m assuming that the market is the best way to make group decisions! Is this assumption reasonable? Let’s find out. The RxC LA chapter will use a market to make decisions while all the other chapters will use a not-market. Then we will see which chapter does the best.

Cool I was just reading about Cent last week. Sounds really interesting! I’m game to try it.

That’s great that you’re willing to try Cent! It’s rather fascinating how many times we have to hear about something before we decide to try it. Naturally we want to minimize the chances of trying the wrong things.

Right now Cent doesn’t work perfectly for our needs. For example, check out my most recent Cent post. I had to include a list of my preferred people because it isn’t possible to…

  1. reply multiple times
  2. spend money on our own replies

On Honest Cash we can reply multiple times, but it isn’t (yet) possible to spend money on our own posts.

On Facebook you can boost your own posts but you can’t boost other people’s posts. Heh… facepalm

A good example of a value poll is how a couple years ago the Libertarian Party (LP) used donations to rank potential convention themes…

$6,327.00 — I’m That Libertarian!
$5,200.00 — Building Bridges, Not Walls
$1,620.00 — Pro Choice on Everything
$1,377.77 — Empowering the Individual
$395.00 — The Power of Principle
$150.00 — Future of Freedom
$135.00 — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
$105.00 — Rise of the Libertarians
$75.00 — Free Lives Matter
$42.00 — Be Me, Be Free
$17.76 — Make Taxation Theft Again
$15.42 — Taxation is Theft
$15.00 — Jazzed About Liberty
$15.00 — All of Your Freedoms, All of the Time
$5.00 — Am I Being Detained!
$5.00 — Liberty Here and Now

In this case the list of options was predetermined by the LP. From my perspective it’s a lot better if participants can add options.

The LP could have, and should have, also used donations to decide the convention date, location and speakers. Naturally this would have meant that less money would have been spent on ranking the themes.

With value polls any organization can easily decentralize. The problem is that most people really don’t trust the market to make decisions, which is funny because all the organizations in the private sector are ranked by the market.

If you do a search for “tipping jars survey” or “dueling tipping jars” you can see lots of examples of value polls. I don’t think that any of them are used to make a decision though.

I’m interested in hosting a gathering in Culver City for westside folk. I have an opportunity to book a pretty neat venue. I just wanted to check here first to make sure there isn’t a westside event already announced. If not, I’ll share an Eventbrite link here shortly. Onwards!