RxC Labs: Project ideas


A few exciting project ideas emerged from the first RxC Singapore meetup on 28 Feb. We’re redirecting chapter members to this forum, where we can list project ideas and hopefully find interested collaborators; or better yet, discover that someone’s already working on it :slight_smile:

(Once more categories are added to this site, we could potentially streamline this thread into topical mini-threads.)


  1. Agent-based modelling of COST
  • one of us had mentioned that initial toy experiments with COST Monopoly had led to runaways/winners emerging in spite of the Harberger tax;
  • further numerical explorations (for instance, with different information models and distributions of wealth) could be informative.

Quadratic voting

  1. Quadratic opinion polling on public policies
  • quadratic voting for attitudinal research has been studied as an alternative to traditional Likert scales;
  • experimenting with quadratic opinion polling in Singapore (not during or near elections, due to the Blackout period for election survey results).
  1. Coercion-resistant quadratic voting with zkSNARKs
  • Semaphore and mixnets can enable coercion-resistant voting with zkSNARKS;
  • adding a quadratic voting element and considering Sybil resistance would be interesting.

Arts & Communication

  1. Scarcity and licensing for digital art
  • Open Art Consortium and Chemistry have been scoping out a way to tokenise digital art and track its usage and payment;
  • the project is moving forward and looking for technical perspectives from engineers and develop.
  1. More accessible infographics for Radical Markets ideas; digital brochures covering use-cases in local context


  1. Smart contracts for liquidity and licensing in bone marrow donor registries
  • many bone marrow donor registries face bottlenecks in raising money to recruit donors;
  • #DeFi instruments to allow small registries to raise funds and enter licensing agreements with investors could improve liquidity and efficiency of registries

We need to decentralize “reality-defining” institutions — in the same way Bitcoin allows people to transact without relying on banks, we can use financial markets to define reality without relying on mainstream media institutions to legitimize “worthy” viewpoints. I wrote a piece on this here: https://medium.com/@harmonylion1/decentralizing-the-search-for-truth-using-financial-markets-648bf4408b5c


ABM of COST (and QV)

On the way back from the RxC conference I started working on an agent-based model to investigate collusion in quadratic voting. I’d be interesting in collaborating on an ABM of COST as well!

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Hello, I’m working on an agent-based model investigating COST. Would love to have a chat sometime. Let me know!


Sounds good! You can email me at jacobkelter@u.northwestern.edu and we’ll figure out a time to chat.