[RXC-Detroit] What are you interested in talking about?


Hey everyone!
Post here a list of topics you’re interested in talking to other attendees about, and how people can contact you to set up discussions!

I’ll start:
Generally speaking, I’m interested in talking to people 1-on-1 or in small groups about the following topics:

  1. practical next steps for growing this movement and/or getting better mechanisms implemented in practice.
  2. long-term prospects of and concerns around introducing new mechanisms
  3. what the current status of the RXC community is… I’m 99% new to RXC (although not to the ideas and concerns of the community)
  4. AI, AI safety, global coordination and global “governance” (writ large)
  5. whatever you think is interesting / important

Please just come up and talk to me iyi in discussing any of these things, (pink backpack, turquoise hat), or email me davidscottkrueger@gmail.com


I’m interested in talking about/organizing around surveillance capitalism:

  • Apparatus
  • Ideology(ies)
  • Potential(s) for Resistance and/or Cooptation

Please come talk with me, text me (202-304-2202), find me on Telegram, or email me: brennan.orear@gmail.com


[https://docs.google.com/document/d/11AUk7hUgUbumZ2IrM0aJ5lNvQLI8shCEW-Xeoo3quiM](http://Questions and Concerns (Please add!))