RxC Boston anyone?


Really keen to get some RxC activities (meetups, e.t.c.) happening here in Boston.
Anyone else based in the area?


Get in touch with Niels Rosenquist jrosenqu@gmail.com


Ah yeah, we’ve been talking via email for a couple of weeks.


Once you have something going, tweet and I’ll retweet…should drum up some folks!


Hi! I live and work in Cambridge. I’ve read the book with great enthusiasm. I’d be interested in a local meetup!



I think we’ll try to do a really informal meetup in mid Jan, just drinks and a chat so everyone can put a face to names.

Then I’d love to get a regular schedule of speakers, presentations, or workshops running.


Has this been scheduled?


Haven’t scheduled anything yet, waiting to hear back from Niels again.
In the mean time, I think I might run a games night to try out Felix’s COST monopoly rules.

Anyone here interested?


I’m in the Boston area and am trying to implement some of these ideas into the blockchain stuff we’re building at John Hancock. Would love to get involved to whatever capacity is helpful!

Also, will be at the event tonight so excited to meet some like-minded people.


Look forward to meeting you tonight and hearing more about what you are building, Nick. It should be a fun little event to kick things off here in Boston.

If you have a set of poker chips that you could bring along, that would be really handy!