Reverse auction for military draft

I remember reading a proposal about reverse auctions for military drafts, but can’t find this anymore. anyone has a link?

What do you think of this idea?

Just thinking about it for a few minutes (so obviously not a complete analysis):

Advantages seem to include:

  • sharing the cost of military drafts (so that not only drafted people pay it)
    • maybe this also reduces the risk of wars given the incentive to avoid war is shared by everyone (so it avoids the tyranny of the majority)
  • (just like any markets) it allows for information that could be unseen by a central planner to be integrated

Disadvantages could include:

  • making going to war less prestigious, resulting in more people harming themselves to avoid being drafted or doing a poorer job as a soldier

I don’t remember reading about this, would be interested in seeing the piece you reference. It seems tricky and needs to be thought through rigorously but perhaps possible to do with quadratic pricing of probabilities of being drafted, and a baseline probability above which no one must pay to avoid? It would be unjust if lower probabilities of being drafted were priced linearly. And there is a strong need to ensure that the money raised directly benefits the people who actually serve.