RadicalxChange Chapter List - Find Your City Here

Hi Chris,

The Taipei chapter of RadicalxChange started in July, please add it to the list.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rxctaipei

Vitalik presented at the RadicalxChange Taipei meetup on Tuesday (7/16) on Harberger taxes. Presentation slides from all 4 speakers are now publicly available on Github (you may find the link on Twitter).


hi there
I’m Zek based in TOKYO
If anyone goes to Devcon5.
Please stop by Tokyo October 13th.
Blockchain Premium Event.
Radical X Exchange Speaker would be more then welcome.

Hello Chris,
Would you please add Hyderabad, India as one of the citites.

Link for RadicalxChange Hyderabad Facebook Page:

Link to RadicalxChange Hyderabad twitter page:

We’'ll kick of physical meetings soon.

Here’s the link for RadicalxChange Hyderabad Chapter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/437553210294942/

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Hello All! Nice to see so much activity here! We just Launched the Barcelona Chapter @Akasha Hub https://www.meetup.com/RadicalxChange-Barcelona/ and we have our second event the 28th of February! I look forward to exchange ideas here!

Hi there, I’m curious how to connect with others interested in the Vancouver chapter?