RadicalxChange Berlin


The RadicalxChange Berlin chapter aims to grow a community with a shared vocabulary to interrogate and build upon economic proposals for a collective yet decentralized society. Not shy of challenging long-established social institutions, this chapter seeks to chart a speculative trajectory of what may take their place.

Grounded in the heart of the Berlin decentralized technology community, we will host monthly discussions and presentations on topics of members’ choosing, gravitating toward working groups to build and experiment with operational tools to test our hypotheses.

We held our first meetup at the end of November. We introduced ourselves and split into two groups discussing 1) quadratic voting and data as labor and 2) COST model for property, with open-ended notes for each.

We decided to choose the content of the next meetup via quadratic voting on attendee proposals, with all attendess at the previous meetup receiving 100 vote credits to spend. Here’s to experimenting!

The next tentative Berlin meetup date is set for 24 January 2019, but we will write again here and post on the meetup group to confirm.

Please post here proposals for content, including but not limited to:

  • Everyday experiments with COST model or QV

  • Speakers or panelists on Radical Markets’ topics

  • Suggestion of texts, podcasts, or other materials for a reading/ discussion group

Looking forward to the proposals and catch you after the holidays!