RadicalxChange at ETH Denver


Hello everyone,

I am part of the planning committee for ETH Denver content and would like to solicit proposals for workshops, talks, explainers, videos, demonstrations, success stories.

We already have several speakers and talented individuals attending so it should be no issue to take your suggestions of how to best disseminate RadicalxChange and realize this as content scheduled items.

Discourse away and please let me know if I can provide a better “ask” for this topic.


Hey Matt,

Thanks very much! Do you know if there are any current plans to incorporate RxC ideas like at the SF event?

It seems like there are a few categories where RxC can be introduced:

  1. Speakers: Talking about/incorporating RxC into their talks
  2. Experiments: Using QV for voting or Harberger tax for seating assignments
  3. Hacks: Implementing an RxC concept, e.g. Harberger Pixel map

Do you have thoughts on the best of these to focus on?

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Here are a few proposals:

  1. Speakers: It would be excellent if someone from Akasha could speak on their implementation of quadratic voting.
  2. Experiments: the Harberger seat assignment is awesome. Currency should be play money (not ETH) since ETHGlobal events are free. Bids should be locked in per presentation. So people are self-evaluating the price of a seat during speaker A for the rights to sit there during speaker B.
    Experiments, Pt 2: Another experiment could be to have the judged weigh their votes on winners using quadratic voting
  3. Hacks: We already have two Harberger Pixel Maps from EthSF (1, 2). I’d love to see “A Commons Collectables” hack, whereby a contract is published where people can donate a CryptoPunk or some other collectable to a contract. And any collectable owned by that contract then becomes available for Harberger Taxation. Taxes could go to the EthMagicians donation address. Here’s the idea in article form (currently in draft mode) to tweet out and share.
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Not to be a scrooge, but I think the seat assignments would effectively make something already fair and straightforward into something way more complicated than it needs to be. I’d be legit annoyed if I found a seat at random and some MFer came and booted me. Playing on your idea, though. Booths - I assume there will be booths? The placement and space allotted to the booth dwellers (or what have you) could be decided by some Harberger tax business.Fewer people to coordinate with, already something that likely involves money, coordination and planning, doesn’t effect people who arent participating, but still has the effect of making people in all of those orgs/businesses who are trying to, err, booth it up(?) aware of RxC and how the harberger tax works.

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Fair points! If the seat assignment idea were implemented it would have to be done in a minimalistic way for the reasons @alberreman mentioned (we don’t want it disrupting an otherwise enjoyable experience).

ETHDenver already has a two-tier seat assignment system. The very front section is reserved for speakers, sponsors, and other VIPs. All the other seats are open to the rest of attendees. If we/they implemented a Harberger seat experiment, it would probably make sense to open up a small third-tier section between the VIPs and the open seating. Then the experiment would be limited to only that section.

Booths are a great idea. One key feature to keep in mind with regard to constructing a Harberger experiment is Harberger taxes rely on a perpetual auction mechanism. Which means whatever property is being auctioned off potentially needs to be turned over to multiple “owners.”

Booths are normally provided to ETHGlobal sponsors. Sponsors travel to these events with swag, displays, and multiple team members (high costs). To have them then casually compete for booth space after they arrive might be disruptive in a similar way to if all attendees’ seats were Harberger-ed. Plus it would come with the added complication that the only reason ETHGlobal events are free to the community is because of the sponsors. Experimenting with money source for the event before the mechanism is established as a proven model would introduce a reasonable about of risk.

I do like this idea, though, because it introduces to the conversation the fact that sponsors are another group that could participate in these experiments. Maybe there could be some kind of electronic display (billboard) that sponsors (or whoever) could buy and bid on throughout the course of the weekend? Something that even projects who aren’t in attendence could participate in (they could bid remotely).


@Chris thank you for your detailed and thoughtful breakdowns and discussion. This is fantastic! We are shaping the broad topics and flow of ETH Denver right now and this helps a lot.

All commenters: wondering if you will be attending ETH Denver, as we are looking for people to provide some stewardship over the content organization. Even if you are not, your suggestions and nominations are extremely helpful to fill in the topics. :hugs:


I think there could be some really interesting experiments and collaborations done here and I’m excited to see this budding conference collaboration already happening! :grin:

@mattlock, I think I touched base on slack briefly. I’m hoping to attend ETH Denver, but I won’t know until the application acceptances start going out. If I’m able to attend, I’m happy to help with more RxC coordination and execution on the ground at the event.

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to think about ways to integrate yet, but the engagement and ideas here so far are great.

There’s also gotta be a good way to demonstrate the data as labor section here, but how best to structure it is escaping me for the moment. Maybe a way of gathering demographic data from the conference and a testnet of sorts for rewards or something? Or maybe something like the gitcoin kudos? I’ll do some more thinking on this and hopefully come back with some better ideas.

Definitely there could be a hacking project as well, which I would happily jump on and participate with at the event if it comes together, but this is more dependent on having hackers at the event come together to build it, and I think that there would be more value in that happening more organically at the event than prescribing ideas to a hack here.


I’ll be at ETHDenver for sure. Is there still a need for stewardship?