QV for party congress in Germany

Hey everyone,

I’m Max and got into QV from the Democracy.Earth Foundation. There I did some research and looked into the general field of civic-tech on the blockchain.

I’m currently in the process of founding an own NGO (deora.earth). We develop an open-source white-label platform (used and branded to your liking) for democratic voting on the blockchain with a QV mechanism. Later you can use that platform for own democratic processes in communities, organizations, events, movements etc.

Our first use case is developed for a pan-European party congress. This party will use the first prototype at their Germany congress in September. The members can vote on the proposals by either spending tokens on yes or no decisions. After they made their official hand voting the members can vote on the platform with QV. Since the official vote will take place without the digital platform solution, we can compare the end results of each approach and identify certain limitations/learnings.

We hope for interesting results and would love to get some info/knowledge/QV experience from the community here.

More info:
Every member will get an QR code in a leaflet. After scanning the code people will be directed to their individual blockchain wallet (called burner wallet). The wallet itself is the web platform and contains VC “voice credits” - as much as proposals/amendments available - and a list of the proposals. After the debate is done we open the votes for the people to use their VC and spend them at a quadratic rate for their votes on each amendment. After the vote is done we hope to see a ranking of the party members interests and major topics, an insight which opens new strategic possibilities.

Every vote will be cast via a Plasma solution on the Ethereum blockchain and is therefore fully transparent (if you know your address) and immutable. We also don’t collect any data since our back-end is the blockchain.

Hi Max!

I’m Andreas, and I’m interested in this new QV platform. Would you update it once it has been deployed? I would like to deploy this for an organization I manage.