Improve relevant wikipedia pages - QV, COST, etc

Hi All,
I noticed the at there is no wikipedia page for liberal radicalism, that the quadratic voting page is not well-written, and that the Common Ownership Self-Assessed Tax wikipedia page does not exist. Given that many people go to this source for information first and as a means of finding other legitimate sources, would it make sense for us to create/update these pages to make sure we provide a recognized place to learn?

This is really important. I am pretty sure most of these topics would pass muster for Wikipedia articles… I would be happy to work with you on it–do you have wikipedia editing experience?

Yes, I have authored several articles and have done a bunch of touchups and re-works on other articles. I am comfortable with Wikipedia. We could iterate in Word for the most part if you are not comfortable with wikiscript, etc.

Working on the QV wikipedia page now.