How to start a reading (meetup) group



I’m Santiago from Ecuador. I’m enjoying the Radical Markets book. I’m wondering how can I create a community in my area to discuss/apply ideas and spread the word about RadicalxChange? I’ve seen there are already other meetup groups in South America


Santiago, you should be in touch with for general guidance and with Mariano DiPietrantonio to connect to other groups in Latin America. I love Ecuador and have lived there for some time, and I know many folks in the country who will be excited to be involved (including some in government and academia), so when you get something going let me know and I’ll help you recruit participants.

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There will also be a talk about Ecuador at the conference by Alisha Holland, my wife!

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So nice to hear that you lived in my Country. I´m from Cuenca, in which City were you living?. I loved your interview on the Gitcoin livestream the other day, and then did the impossible to get a printed copy of your book. I have some ideas to apply your philosophy for self sustainable R&D on emerging economies.

Thanks for the contact information, I´ll start working on it ASAP and will try to reach you again once we kickstart our local group.



I’ll love to watch that keynote. Hope it gets live streamed during the RadicalxChange conference.