Generating ideas beyond Glen's in local groups


Hi everyone!

I think we can all come up with ideas for institutional change, and that this can be done in local groups through a certain event structure.

In a post carried on the radx blog, I explained why I believe it’s necessary to go past “the social choice lens” in redesigning institutions like voting and markets, and also that I hope we can all learn to make these institutional redesigns rather than relying on a few leaders to come up with the ideas.

To that end, I’ve been working on a method for generating new institutional redesigns in groups. We’ll run it in Berlin in April, and I’d love to work with people in other chapters to refine and test it.

I’ve created a facebook group for people interested in organizing one of these Radical Redesigns events. Please send me your comments and thoughts, or I’m also at the conference this weekend if you want to chat.



I don’t know how to help right now, but just wanted to say that what you are doing resonates strongly with what I’m thinking.

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