Elections - voting process - replacing paper and ballot boxes with satellite photos 🛰


I am worried about violence and the voting process in Belarus (not so distant world from me, I’m originally from Poland)

Many other countries have no fundamental freedoms and the same dictator dude (predominantly male) holding on to power for many years.

Here is a hypothetical design for the democratic vote using modern technology: satellite photos

An illustration of the idea

Make a shape with your body :woman_cartwheeling:

Visible from the sky:

X = yes
O = no


  • Low cost: taking photos
  • Low logistics effort of distributing ballots
  • No ambiguity
  • Difficult to fake


  • Synchronisation effort, 12:00 midday
  • Other people knowing how you vote. Lie down face to the ground or looking towards the sky?
  • Will it work in bad weather (cloud cover)

Fraud prevention measures:

  • Heat measurements (temperature of human body) combined with visuals
  • Radar / lidar? Registering an increase in height by 30cm (the height of a lying down person)
  • Proof of liveness, after the vote please stand up and prove that you a human


  • What is the current stage of satellite technology?
  • Is it possible to take a picture of the entire country all at once? Or maybe dedicated photo areas, such as open spaces, stadiums
  • How many satellites are out there?
  • Do we need to build a dedicated one?

First step: City of 50k

  • Less geographical area to cover
  • Less stakes, can always redo later

Final thoughts:

I like how exponential technology can potentially solve a very old problems

In the same theme:

Nation state DAO. Tools are getting better and better. Usability, user experience, features, off-chain voting with on-chain execution.

Feedback, request for comments welcome.

I think it is possible, or at least “not impossible”, there is no rule set in stone that vote must be on piece of paper…

PS. Under 18 of course allowed to vote, they are the future, they will live with the decisions, HELL YEAH they are participating too!