Cooperation. Expressing impactful ideas thru film series + A SHORT FILM

Hello RadicalXchangers :smiley:

Explore, express and execute the most impactful ideas for our prosperity is my mission in life. As the exploration part has already yielded some results, I’m starting to move towards the expression part to then spark the real-world mobilization, movement, community and platforms that will take care of the implementation part.

After the inspiration from RxC conf. I felt motivated to participate in a competition that was meant to collect short films on the theme of how we can open up a better society after all the crises.

My submission “Your better world” engages in philosophical, existential topics, with the mix of sci-fi, systems thinking, power and societal structures (e.g. economics) that would promote cooperation, flourishment, problem-solving and advancements.

I wish to develop things further in various formats e.g. documentaries, storytelling, animation, motion picture etc. and thus exploring various relevant opportunities. If you know some entities that could be interested in cooperating, please share or reach out.

And if you think that this short film is valuable enough, consider voting for it. P.S. if you do… to make your vote count you’d need to confirm the vote through an email that you’ll receive. This is not clearly stated and hence can be missed.


:point_right: Short film challenge submission

:point_right: Further ideas: