Commonwealth: DEFUND AMAZON

"Forget about the computer. Everything that can be done with a computer has been done with a computer. The real innovation is the network.”

Kevin Kelly 1996

He was right. But we’ve been using it all wrong, when it comes to digital ecommerce.

Commonwealth (explained at the link below) can break the virtual stranglehold firms such as Amazon, Apple et al have, emancipating artists who work in the digital realm.

There;'s really nothing new about Commonwealth; it simply, but spectacularly improves on affiliate marketing by giving more profit motive to the affiliates, by taking the middlemen out of the picture.

The platform is an introductory service between creators and sellers. So, I have a new hopepunk book to sell. I get my free creator membership, and create a product page.

Bob’s Book Blog has a seller membership (also free). Bob has stated that he wants to be notified whenever a new hopepunk book is available. He checks my product pages, likes what he sees and contacts me. I send him a didgital review copy. he loves the book and wants to sel it to his followers.

I tell him the book price is $10.From every sale he makes, I will give him $8. That’s 16 x more than he would get from Amazon’s affiliate program. That’s profit motive.

Bob agrees. We contact Commonwealth and instruct them to create a unique BUY NOW button for Bob. You read Bob’s review, hi the BUY NOW button and buy the book. Commonwealth sends you a download link, and splits the money between Bob and me as per the contract, adding a small service charge to fund operations.

Why do I want to give Bob 80% of the sale price? Because it’s not just Bob. It’s the NYT, Greenpeace and literally anyone else who wants to sell my book. And my sellers are now my marketing team, because they have profit motive.

Obviously, this applies to all digital goods - film and video, music, software, 3D print designs, video games etc.

A simpl, six part overview of Commonwealth can be found here

That site was prepared from Posstmedia (the largest newspaper group in Canada), so there are many Canadianisms in it that others will not understand, but you’ll get the picture.

Why did I pitch it to Postmedia? One, I am, by profession, a print journalist (recovering), and newspapers have been decimated by the Internet, just as artists have. Postmedia did not even look at it, despite the fact that it was sent to upper management by an old friend who has worked in the organization for 30 years.

Postmedia was not the first, or last entity I tried to pitch. I have shoved this idea around since 2015 and gotten nowhere with it. I am trying to give it away, give it away, give it away NOW.

I think you misunderstand the supply chain and how much profit each entity makes. I say this as someone who has sold products online. There’s typically not a lot of profit margin. So your numbers are way too high as far as profit sharing (there’s not $8 out of a $10 order to share with an affiliate!). I also think you overestimate how impactful an affiliate problem can be for the type of products sold on Amazon, particularly books. It would be better for high value items like computers and phones. Finally, affiliate programs often cause a lot of biased, low quality “reviews” which are mostly just SEO plays trying to monetize with affiliate links.