Category Suggestions


Categories are an essential tool to guide the community into a useful taxonomy of their discourse.

Let’s discuss this meta category, here are a few suggestions:

  • Events - proposals, announcements, dates, times etc.
  • Guides - how to throw an event, explain a topic
  • Experiments - link to, discuss and debate the various experiments in the space
  • Mechanisms - a bit deeper and philosophical, discussion of the various radical markets mechanisms

Please discuss and add!


These are great categories to start with. I would also add RxC locations in the short term. I just set up one for Seattle.

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And another section could be a discussion around what resources we need with a link to a running list.


I think it’d be helpful to add a Getting Started section for people new to these ideas to get ramped up. It could just be a list of pointers on recommend reads.

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Thanks Cody! That’s a great idea. We’re staging some of this here:

But we’ll add a new “Getting Section” for sure. :facepunch:


Getting started is a great idea, especially once we get a good set of core resources for chapters to utilize.

I would suggest an introductions section. It seems basic and probably a bit busy, but I think it’s useful to give people a really low bar for generating their first posts here and gets them used to the format/platform by just giving a simple intro to themselves and why they’re interested.

I’m also very supportive of the experiments and mechanism section suggestions.

We could get particularly specific and create categories for discussion based on specific chapters/concepts of the Radical Markets book as well - Georgia/COST Harberger tax, data as labor, radical democracy, etc etc. I think the mechanisms section could include discussions that would fit in these as well, but it might be easier to create discussions and realize overlapping and complimentary ideas in each of the more specific/granular sections as well.


I quite like “Experiments”.

Since these ideas are so new, it would be great to have a forum for red-teaming proposed implementations, and gaming out different scenarios. As the youtube comments demonstrate, there will be feedback and misunderstanding. Having a place to anticipate and get ahead of that could prove useful.

Also would like to propose two new sections:

Reading articles and listening to a few of Glen’s presentations, there were a couple of words I had to look up and others I just didn’t understand. The article: “Why I’m not a Capitalist” for example, doesn’t define “Capitalist” in the context of the article, or the properties of the term which he sees as most problematic.

Also, the definitions of words being used in presentations are often overloaded. In everyday discourse for example, people often use Capitalism and Corporatism or Socialism and Communism interchangeably.

If we want to reach a broad audience, a central repository of ubiquitous intuitive terms we can use to help communicate with each other, and with a broader audience might be beneficial, specially for communicating with people outside the community not versed in econ and philosophy.

As RxC ideas spread, we’re going to get feedback.

Having a centralized place where we can understand how people are reacting, and collaborate on how best to address their concerns can both promote the development of successful policies, and increase the likelihood of their ultimate acceptance.

At the end of the day, if we want to make a broad, positive impact, we’re going to need compelling, evidence based talking points with a good dose of WIFM.


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Adding on:

  • Governance : for discussions on chapter- or foundation-wide governance models
  • Resources : for slides, papers, Github repos, articles, blogposts, links, that can be shared across chapters
  • Property , Voting , Immigration , Antitrust , Data , or others: for topical discussions
  • Activism and government , Arts and communication , Entrepreneurship and technology , Ideas and research : for track-based discussions