Can the decentralized economy develop a homogeneous narrative?

I’m my opinion grassroots movements can only gain mainstream adoption if they develop a simple global narrative that allow outsiders to easily connect with the movement’s goals and themes.

For new ideas to really break the chasm and resonate with people, we need to help them imagine themselves in that narrative.
People often react to new ideas in a way that idea interacts with their own narrative.
That’s why fake news is so powerful IMO - if you design a consistent rhetoric to fit right into your target audience’s narratives then facts literally don’t mean anything.

At the end of the day narratives frame how we see the world and judge everything we encounter in it.

I think the entire decentralized ecosystem (incl. RxC) needs to collaborate on developing such a narrative.

I just published an article about this idea and would love to know what this community thinks about this topic; hope you enjoy the read as well.



Very nice article! I particularly like part III about feedback loops. My group is, in fact, trying to develop methods for improving decentralized government, but from a slightly different perspective, see

Thank you very much!
I enjoyed the read, and I love the direction you are taking; Its a very practical example of borrowing the approach of Ecological theory and applying it towards markets. As I’ve mentioned, I believe this shift in perspective is paramount to developing successful policies for our ever-changing reality. Additionally, analogies from ecology can help us communicate these ideas outwards and develop a concise narrative that could easily resonate with others.

BTW. I will be hosting a workshop on these issues at the upcoming conference; Let me know if you’d like to take part and discuss how the narrative of your project is affected by its interdisciplinary nature.

Sure, happy to participate in your workshop and looking forward to it.

That’s great! Will update on the agenda and exact time once finalized.

(Completely off topic - Looks like we might have more to discuss. As a graduate of the Institute of Sonology (in the Hague), I have worked a lot with Signal and System Theory, Fourier Analysis and timbre and melodic recognition and spent a semester studying Oliver Messian’s bird song compositions. Looking forward to reading more about your work )