A RxC user owned platform experiment (beta 6/18/2020)

I have been building a platform that embodies many RxC mission objectives. I was unaware of RxC until last month. I found this organization when researching an application of QF for community developers.

I am setting this up as a user owned cooperative. Our attorney (who specializes in worked owned cooperatives) has suggested starting a LLC to hold software IP and pay staff. I’m not keen on this option as a major part of the entire project is user ownership. Radical transparency is a core value. I could just make the details of the LLC public knowledge. But somehow this seems like a lesser solution.

The reason for the suggestion is the time required to draft a charter and bylaws for a user owned cooperative. There are plenty of worker owned coops. But I have yet to find one that is user owned.

Does anyone know of one? Or even a cooperative that is close whose bylaws could be modified to work.


Hey, this sounds like an amazing project. I bet if we sent out a tweet asking about this we could find lawyers or others who have ideas about how to structure an organization like this. Off the top of my my head, Joeri Torfs comes to mind as someone who has done a lot of work in this space, though in the European context. Shoot me an email matt@radicalxchange.org and I will connect you with him!

Thanks Matt. I will send you a short summary of the project via email.